SENSORY AMUSIA - Ultimate Tee Bundle


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Including :
1 x SENSORY AMUSIA - Vulgar thoughts of Carnage White Tshirt
1 x SENSORY AMUSIA - Coffin Thsirt
1 x SENSORY AMUSIA - Breed Death Tshirt
1 x SENSORY AMUSIA - Breed Death - Digipack CD
1 x SENSORY AMUSIA - Breed Death - jewel case CD
1 x SENSORY AMUSIA - digital download code
+ poster and stickers

Birth through violence
Yersinia pestis
Parasitic alteration
Vulgar thoughts of Carnage
Bind torture kill
A blank canvas of flesh
Breed death

Sensory Amusia is a modern take on death metal. Inspired by the grooves of death metal, such as Dying Fetus and Misery Index, blended with the ferocity of technical metal such as Cryptopsy and Aborted.

RELEASE DATE : 27/05/2021 (May)

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Including FREE SENSORY AMUSIA & LACERATED ENEMY records stickers!

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