WORMHOLE - Genesis CD Jewel Case

WORMHOLE - Genesis CD Jewel Case

CD version ( Jewel case )

RELEASE DATE : 30 / 11 / 2016

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WORMHOLE -Genesis -
1. Nurtured In a Poisoned Womb
2. Battle Logic Disrupted
3. Symbiotic Corpse Possession
4. Automated Distress Signal
5. Geoform 187
6. Gravity Manipulation Unit
7. Genesis Chamber
8. Existence Gap

Hyper blasting, slamming brutal death metal from Baltimore, Maryland - USA
Featuring Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia and Calum Forrest of Engorging the Autopsy
For all fans of Defeated Sanity, Disentomb, Aborted, Visceral Disgorge and Abominable Putridity

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