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Image of THE RITUAL AURA - Laniakea CD


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Track list

1 : Mythos Of Sojourn
2 : Ectoplasm
3 : Time-Lost Utopia
4 : EraOf The Xenotaph
5 : Nebulous Opus Pt, I
6 : Precursor Of Aphotic Collapse
7 : Erased In The Purge
8 : Nebulous Opus Pt, II
9 : Laniakea

Lacerated Enemy Records sinks its teeth into the underground yet again and emerges with another gem of a release. This time it's technical death metal that's rooted in the sound propagated by Death but is also forward-thinking and innovative like Decrepit Birth, Beyond Creation, Rings of Saturn and Psycroptic. Blends like this are hard to come by - having both the soul and passion plus the speed and mind-boggling technicality replete with superb song structuring. The Ritual Aura have been unleashed and their sound waves will contort bodies and cause mental spasms. This one is a stunner. Blazing technical death metal with emotive flashes.