INFESTUM - Monuments Of Exalted Digipack


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Limited to 200 pcs digipack! Handnumbered! Incl. booklet!

01: Void Of Nebulae
02: Ordo Infestum
03: Iron Hammer Upon The Skull of Slave
04: Temple of Mirrors
05: The Art of teh Beast
06: The Evil One ( VENOM cover )
07: Zero Beyond
08: Obsidian Exile
09: Renaissance
10: Monuments of Exalted
11: Renaissance ( Displacer Remix ) BONUS
12: Renaissance ( Sunao Inami Remix ) BONUS

Infestum is the new forward-thinking force of Black Metal while remaining true to the
essence of the style. From Belarus, the band creates epic and traditional atmospheric Black Metal
while at the same time mingling it with Death Metal, industrial-tinged, hard-hitting music, taking the sound
forward as a whole much like the genre's frontrunners, Behemoth, Emperor and Aborym. Lacerated Enemy Records
is unearthing for the first time groundbreaking Black Metal from Europe which is similar in vision to the
label's penchant for quality and innovation. 'Monuments of Exalted' will reach a wider audience through the
label's worldwide distribution and promotion efforts and will expose the high quality and relevant
Black Metal to its future fans.

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