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HISS FROM THE MOAT - Misanthropy - CD

Image of HISS FROM THE MOAT - Misanthropy - CD

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1: Intro
2: Conquering The Christianity
3: Honor To The Mother Of Death
4: Moralism As Anesthetic
5: Misanthropy
6: The Path Of The Pilgrims
7: The Descent From The Throne
8: Ave Regina Caelorum
9: Cadaceus
10: Outro

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We are proud to announce yet another killer addition to the LACERATED ENEMY records family, HISS FROM THE MOAT from Milano – ITALY! Formed by members of HOUR OF PENANCE!
Their new album „MISANTHROPY“ will be available on LACERATED ENEMY records from December 9th, 2013!
HISS FROM THE MOAT combines traditional and fast death metal with dark themes! Joined by vocalist Paolo Pieri (HOUR OF PENANCE) this group of musicians out of Italy provide a sound that will attract all the fans of bands like BEHEMOTH, HOUR OF PENANCE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE etc....