ENGORGING THE AUTOPSY - "Bludgeoned To Oblivion" CD

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Track list
1. To Execute A Prostitute
2. Planetary Cleansing
3. Bludgeoned To Oblivion
4. Spawned From Ashes
5. Human Harvester
6. Engorging The Autopsy
7. Remnants Of Humanity

Hailing from South Africa & Scotland, the slamming oriented brutal Death Metal outfit Engorging The Autopsy joins forces with Lacerated Enemy records!!
Featuring members of Vulvodynia (South Africa) and Operation Cunt Destroyer (Scotland).
They are set to bring a blistering mix of slams, blast beats and slamdown brutality! Keep your eyes peeled and watch one of the heaviest acts expand to international acknowledgement with their debut effort „Bludgeoned to Oblivion“ out on Lacerated Enemy records July 20th, 2015!