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VOMIT REMNANTS - Collecting The Remnants SIGNED Double Digipack

Image of VOMIT REMNANTS - Collecting The Remnants SIGNED Double Digipack


Brandnew RELEASE !!!

Preorder. Shipping - last week of May 2017!!!

SIGNED by Keisuke Tsuboi limited to 30 pcs only!

Incl UNRELEASED track! plus both albums, all demos, EPs, material from splits, CD compilations and promos.

16 pages booklet incl. never before published photos.

Limited to 500 pcs! ( 200 Digipacks / 300 Cds )

FREE stickers with every purchase!

Shipping info : Worldwide AIRMAIL / REGISTERED with tracking nr!

Digital preorder up too. Available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify


Digital orders :

Complete Track List :
Collecting The Remnants Disc 1 :
"Supreme Entity"1999
1. Putrefying Dead Flesh
2. My Blessed Sickness
3. Decomposed of Structure
4. Rotted Human Waste
5. Macabre Mementos
6. Engorgement...
7. Faces of the Deceased (Soils of Fate cover)
8. Murderous Thoughts Determined

"Indefensible Vehemence"2001
9. Intro
10. Prodigy of Solitude
11. 00 Buck Shot
12. Inherited Deformity
13. Embludgeonment (Regard to Devourment)
14. A Puppet Mill

Collecting The Remnants Disc 2 :
"In The Name Of Vomit"Demo'97
1.Rotted Human Waste
2.My Blessed Sickness

"Brutally Violated"Demo'98
4.Vomiting Hideous Cadaver
5.Disfigured Anal Torture
6.Rotted Human Waste

"In the name of vomit/Brutally violated" MC bornus track
7.Macabre Mementos

Razorback Records Presents"Gore Is Your Master"Compilation#1 8.Putrefying Dead Flesh

"Promo 2004"2004
9.Sacrilegious Bifurucation of the Prophets
10.Sacramental Extinction of Global Civilization

Pre-recording for "Promo 2005"2005
11.Extinction of Worthless Humanity

"Promo 2005"2005
12. Extinction of Worthless Humanity
13. Despairing Atmosphere
14. Vomiting Hideous Cadaver '05