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PRIMORDIUM - Aeonian Obsolescence CD / Digipack SIGNED COPY!


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CD or DIGIPACK version of "Aeonian Obsolescence" album.

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Brandnew ALBUM!
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(1) - Intro
(2) - A Process of Becoming
(3) - The Opaque Semblance
(4) - The Incursion
(5) - Esoteric Purification
(6) - Instrumental

Technical death metal band from Indianapolis - USA with influences such as OBSCURA, SPAWN OF POSSESSION and DEEDS OF FLESH!

Primordium is America's best kept secret. The band's mind-boggling technical Death Metal music is among the best.
The band keeps it fast and vicious without rendering it unnecessarily brutal and has a sublime sense of
catchiness with an undertone of melody but maintaining a firm distinction - the result is some of the
best-balanced technical Death Metal that's contemporary and relevant.